Internet is booming and most of the brick and mortar companies are coming up with a web presence. Other than brick and mortar companies, new Web Companies or Webpany, (acronym for Web Company) have come up in this internet space. These web companies (or webpanies) offer online services in various domains and have a strong online presence as compared to their offline presence. Very often these Webpanies add new services, features and other attributes to their products and properties (web property, as they are called) etc.

Webpany.com brings you with an analysis, review and discussion of Webpanies and their Web Properties from a different aspect. At Webpany, it would be about information of New Webpany launches, development and changes in new web properties by Webpanies and web property site analysis, review, features review, site layout and design review along with SEO and more..

Stay tuned to Webpany updates from the Web World with latest happenings, changes and launches every few hours..


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